Writing a limerick worksheet

Explain to your child that the first, second and fifth lines of a limerick usually rhyme with each other and contain 7 to 10 syllables.

Writing a limerick worksheet

Literary terms are devices used to make writing better. These help the writer tell a story or make a point.

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Alliteration Alliteration is a literary term that means two or more words in a row that all start with the same sounds. Three grey geese in a green field grazing, Grey were the geese and green was the grazing. A bright blue big-mouth bug. Well now, one winter it was so cold that all the geese flew backward and all the fish moved south and even the snow turned blue.

It covered the floor. It blocked the door.

writing a limerick worksheet

It went down the hall. The rain came down in long knitting needles. Pinkney and Myles C. Pinkney, Eagle gliding in the sky, circling, circling way up high— wind is whistling through your wings.

Poems by Georgia Heard and Jennifer Owings Dewey Let the rain kiss you Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops Let the rain sing you a lullaby The rain makes still pools on the sidewalk The rain makes running pools in the gutter The rain plays a little sleep song on our roof at night And I love the rain.I used this with my Top Set Year 3.

There are examples of different types of poems (e.g.

writing a limerick worksheet

Haiku, Ballad, Limerick, Sonnet) and they read them, then do the match up activity where they match up name of poem to description of it. A limerick is a silly poem with five lines.

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They are often funny or nonsensical. Limericks were made famous by Edward Lear, a famous author who wrote the . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Learning Language Arts Through Literature: The Orange Book, 4th Grade at yunusemremert.com Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

A limerick is a poetic form that can be particularly fun to read and to write.

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Limericks are often humorous, mean-spirited, or pornographic. I'll explain the form, and . Parts of a Poem – Then identify each part in the poem below by writing the letter of the correct part on the line. Worksheet that itnroduces limericks, how they are structured and works towards pupils writing their own limerick with the correct number of syllables.

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