How to write about artists joe

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How to write about artists joe

Joe's parents, Florence and Worden, had moved there after the War, World War II that is, when they began to have difficulties of a political kind. Suffice it to say, that Joe and his brother Billy and his sister Nancy were "red diaper babies".

El Monte, in the fifties and very early sixties, was home to the El Monte Legion Stadium; through its doors passed every musical group and artist of the day. Joe was influenced by all of them. Los Angeles at this time was one of the hotbeds of small independent record labels and they all got played on the radio.

Joe listened to all of it. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, among his personal favorites were the Dixieland sides from Good Time Jazz; much of his music has been influenced by the artists on that label.

More about the Berkeley String Quartet. In the early sixties, Joe moved to Berkeley, ostensibly to go to school, but actually he wound up playing music in a number of groups, mostly ones he put together, and working at Jon and Diedre Lundberg's guitar store on Dwight Way.

His most notable groups, the Instant Action Jug Band and the Berkeley String Quartet, existed as time permitted and began to serve as a conduit for songs and pieces he was writing. His first recording, a collection of songs with Blair Hardman was recorded inreleased briefly as The Early Years on First American Records in and featured a collection of songs that were in part recorded again on his Fantasy release The Goodbye Blues.

Country Joe and the Fish Country Joe and the Fish came about as part political device, part necessity, and part entertainment. Drawing on the experience of the Civil Rights Movement, the anti-war organizers always provided entertainment either before or after the march -- to hold people's attention.

This was the era of the folk revival starting to turn into the San Francisco rock scene and "bands" were starting to appear all over the place.

Joe McDonald had been editing a magazine he had founded, Rag Baby, and, as the story goes, ran out of material. He got the idea of doing a talking issue and through various devices and favors wound up having an EP pressed; it was an extended-play disc with four songs on it: This disc is considered to be the first self-produced recording to be used by a band as a form of promotion.

After a brief period of what could be called indecision, Joe and Barry Melton earnestly put together a rock band, called it Country Joe and the Fish and started working at music on a rather full-time basis. The origin of the name appears to have come from the band's manager, ED Denson, who coined the phrase drawing from Mao's saying about "the fish who swim in the sea of the people;" the Country Joe part has numerous variants, the most oft-told refers to Joe's parents having named Joe for Joseph Stalin, whose nickname during World War II was "Country Joe.

how to write about artists joe

They also had a penchant for self-promotion and printed up posters and calendars using the style of the times. Tom Weller, "artist in residence," created these images. The band's popularity was further enhanced by the release in the summer of that year of a second EP -- called the "white EP" -- which contained three songs: Billboard magazine in referred to the Country Joe EP as "unique," and the airplay it received brought them to the attention of New York City in general and the music business in particular.

Joe and his band had signed a recording contract with Vanguard Records in December of '66 and, having recorded it at Sierra Sound in Berkeley, were unaware of and more or less free from the watchful eyes of a record company.How to Write an Artist Biography: A Bio Made Simple.

how to write about artists joe

Home | Articles For more experienced artists, a page and a half to two pages should be the maximum length. So, ending the Bio in a efficient way should be the aim; use another quote from a gatekeeper who supports the artist, or summarize the 2nd paragraph information, reminding the reader.

A CV or curriculum vitae is an overview of your artistic professional history and achievements. Although it looks similar to a resume, it contains different elements which are only related to your artistic professional mistake emerging artists often make in writing their CVs is trying to oversell their work.

Country Joe McDonald, The Country Store

Less is more. Your CV. The Early Years Country Joe McDonald was born in Washington, D. C., in , but grew up in the Los Angeles suburb of El Monte,'s parents, Florence and Worden, had moved there after the War, World War II that is, when they began to have difficulties of a political kind.

About. Who is Joe Bonamassa? Joe’s Band; Joe’s Music Projects; Joe’s Guitars; Joe’s Non-Profit; Joe’s Press Kit; Tour Dates. North America Tour. Thomas is a swiss born guitarist, singer, producer. He’s currently fronting highly acclaimed swiss band The Blackberry Brandies who supported Eric Clapton at one of his rare gigs in by recommendation by Clapton himself.

Joe Passion was born in Toronto, Canada. He learned to play the accordion at age 9, followed by his main instruments: piano and guitar.

He’s been a professional musician for .

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