Business advisory

We have directed and consulted with a wide variety of companies, ranging from Fortune public companies to startup private companies. Our talented professionals provide cost-effective, value-added solutions to improve the financial position and operations of your business. Business Improvement is composed of two offerings: We focus on making business processes efficient and lean.

Business advisory

Are you having a tough time recruiting or retaining good people?

Business advisory

Do your internal systems prevent you from responding quickly to opportunities? Can you take a vacation — even a brief one — and feel that everything will run smoothly while you are away? Do you remember your business plan? Do you spend most of the time on problems that keep returning?

Are they the REAL problems or just the squeaky wheels? If any of these situations seem familiar, your business may be stuck. You are not alone. Business owners typically have a vision for their business but no workable plan for sustaining and growing it.

What is a Business Assessment? A business assessment is an objective look at your business designed to provide you with a clear picture of: Where your business is today What will help you get to where you want to be tomorrow What might hinder or impede your progress, and What specific actions can be taken to address all these issues.

A business assessment does not take as much time as you may think. When done properly, the results can catapult your business to the next level. How does it work? The First Beacon Business Assessment uses interviews with business owners and key staff, plus financial document reviews to crystallize the current situation and future growth objectives, uncover the strengths and weaknesses in the business, and determine a workable action plan for moving forward.

We focus on identifying opportunities for improvement in the following areas:ABAC is the sole non-governmental entity that has an official role in the APEC Economic Leaders Summit through a formal dialogue.

The management advisory services from Astral provides the opportunity to partner with management to identify solutions for management issues as they arise with our gamut of services under Assurance and Consulting to ensure consideration of related internal control issues in the business processes and incorporating industries best practices respectively.

BUSINESS STRATEGY EXPERTS. We help business leaders trapped in business-as-usual, cut through the noise, to achieve real results.


We help them focus on the critical components that drive business growth so they can thrive through change. Business at OECD (BIAC) is calling for a forceful defence from the OECD to underpin the value of an open international trade and investment environment.

TLB Business Advisory Services provides specialist and cost effective accounting and business advisory services to small and medium enterprises and wider economic sectors in .

Business Advisory How can enterprises adapt to evolving industries while still meeting stakeholder expectations? Across every industry worldwide, large and middle market enterprises face increasingly complex challenges making it difficult to grow revenues and increase value.

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