16d 2s unknown flash type write aborted

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16d 2s unknown flash type write aborted

Transcription 1 NSeries NS Inverter Complete User Manual Notice Read and understand these manuals before attempt ing any unpacking, assembly, operation or maintenance of the inverter This manual should be applied only to NS inverter. This manual dose not include all items regarding install ation and maintenance procdures.

For more information, please contact authorized parteners. This manual contains clearly marked cautions and warnings which are intended for your personal safety and to avoid any unintentional damage to the product or connected appliances.

Please read the information included in cautions and warnings carefully: Dangerous voltage Risk of death or severe injury General warning Risk of damage to the product or connected appliances 1.

Coming into contact with this voltage is extremely dangerous and may cause death or severe injury. The control unit is isolated from the mains potential. However, the relay output terminals may have a dangerous control voltage present even when NS is disconnected from mains. The earth leakage current of NS frequency converters exceeds 3.

According to standard ENa reinforced protective ground connection must be ensured. If the frequency converter is used as a part of a machine, the machine manufacturer is responsible for providing the machine with a main switch EN.

16d 2s unknown flash type write aborted

If NS is disconnected from mains while running the motor, it remains live if the motor is energized by the process. In this case the motor functions as a generator feeding energy to the frequency converter. After disconnecting the frequency converter from the mains, wait until the fan stops and the indicators on the display go out.

Wait 5 more minutes before doing any work on NS connections. The motor can start automatically after a fault situation, if the autoreset function has been activated.

Do not perform any measurements when the frequency converter is connected to the mains. Do not perform any voltage withstand tests on any part of NS. The product safety is fully tested at factory.

Prior to measurements on the motor or the motor cable, disconnect the motor cable from the frequency converter. Do not open the cover of NS. Static voltage discharge from your fingers may damage the components. Opening the cover may also damage the device. If the cover of NS is opened, warranty becomes void.

Not using an earth conductor can cause damage to the drive. The touch current of the drive is more than 3. The standard EN tells that 1 or more of these conditions for the protective circuit must be true.

The connection must be fixed.

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OR b There must be an automatic disconnection of the mains, if the protective earth conductor breaks. OR c There must be a terminal for a second protective earth conductor in the same cross-sectional area as the first protective earth conductor.

SAFETY NS If this is not so, the cross-sectional area of the protective earthing conductor must be determined in a manner that produces a conductance equivalent to that which results from the application of this table.

If you have cord-connected equipment, make sure that the protective earthing conductor in the cord is the last conductor to be interrupted, if the strain-relief mechanism breaks. Obey the local regulations on the minimum size of the protective earthing conductor.

Because there are high capacitive currents in the AC drive, it is possible that the fault current protective switches do not operate correctly.

Do not do voltage withstand tests on the AC drive. The manufacturer has already done the tests. Doing voltage withstand tests can cause damage to the drive. The NS frequency converter must always be earthed with an earthing conductor connected to the earthing terminal. The earth fault protection inside the frequency converter protects only the converter itself against earth faults.Sep 16,  · flashing my liteon drive dgd2s.

Discussion in 'Xbox Support Archive' started by shizzledhizzle, Sep 14, with 10 replies and 4, views. Sep 16,  · flashing my liteon drive dgd2s Discussion in ' Xbox Support Archive ' started by shizzledhizzle, Sep 14, with 10 replies and 4, views.

shizzledhizzle Newbie. Nov 15,  · Firmware is a Lite-On Dummy OSIG: PLDS DGD2S Firmware type is: DVDKey32 extract Sending DVDKey request to I/O port 0xBC00 and COM Serial Data is bad, DVDkey files extraction aborted!

Unknown flash type Write aborted!

16d 2s unknown flash type write aborted

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Unknown flash type Write aborted! I pressed Intro/Device ID and turned the drive off and on and it went in to Vendor Mode. I selected write but it says Unknown Flash Type.

Sending Device ID request to port 0xF Spi Status: 0xFF Manufacturer ID: 0xF - yunusemremert.com